Company name

There are some restrictions on the registration of company names. Generally speaking, a company name will not be registered if: –

  • it is the same as a name appearing in the Index of Company Names kept by the Registrar of Companies (“the Registrar”);
  • it is the same as that of a body corporate incorporated or established under an Ordinance;
  • in the opinion of the Registrar, its use would constitute a criminal offence; or
  • in the opinion of the Registrar, it is offensive or otherwise contrary to public interest.

Moreover, some company names require the approval of the Registrar before they can be registered. These include names which contain any of the words or expressions set out in the Companies (Words and Expressions in Company Names) Order (Cap. 622A) and names which would likely give the impression that the company is connected in any way with the Central People’s Government of China or the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any department or agency of either government.

In addition, a name which is identical to a name that has been subject to a change of name direction issued by the Registrar will not be registered except with the consent of the Registrar.

In any case, you are recommended to verify the availability of your preferred company name by clicking the link to the Company Registry website on iNCUBEE.

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